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NAA Accreditation

NAA Accreditation

The National AfterSchool Association

Accreditation is a way to recognize quality in school-age care programs. NAA Accreditation means that a program has demonstrated substantial compliance with the NAA standards by:

An application that documents the program's self-study.

An onsite visit by NAA Endorsers who rate the program on the NAA Standards.

Annual reports to the NAA office between endorsements visits.

Accreditation Process

1a. Request the NAA Standards of Quality for School-Age programs
1b. Review the standards and focus on targeted improvements.

2a. Purchase the Self-Study and Accreditation Kit
2b. Use the program observation tool and take action on the targeted areas for improvements.

3a. Apply for NAA Accreditation
3b. Submit Self-Study Summary
3c. Program Review by NSACA Endorsers
3d. Commission Decision

For more information about NAA call 1.617.298.5012 or visit