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The different types of child care in Illinois provide a wide range of options to meet the individual goals of every family. Understanding the different types of programs available will help families make the best choice for them.

Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

CCAP makes it possible for families and guardians who qualify to receive financial help paying for child care costs so they can work, attend training, or school. All families pay a portion of the cost of child care as a co-payment (based on family size and income).

Family Size Intake (New Application) 200% FPL (Redetermination) 250% FPL
2 $3,433 $4,196
3 $4,318 $5,278
4 $5,203 $6,359
5 $6,088 $7,441
6 $6,973 $8,523
7 $7,858 $9,604
8 $8,743 $9,987
9 $9,628 $10,207
10 $10,421 $10,421

Head Start / Early Head Start

Early Head Start and Head Start programs are options for families facing hardship during their children’s early years. These programs provide support and resources that meet the family’s educational, health, nutritional, and social service needs.

Preschool For All

The Illinois State Board of Education's Preschool for All program provides high-quality educational programs to all 3 and 4 year old children whose families choose to participate and who are determined to be at academic risk.

Home Visiting

The prenatal period and the first years of life are a critical time for brain development. Home visiting, a voluntary program, provides family support and coaching through planned, regular visits with a trained professional. Home visitors work with parents on practical parenting skills before birth and as children grow up.

Illinois Early Intervention

The Illinois Early Intervention Program is designed to provide developmental supports and services to families/caregivers and their children with developmental delays or disabilities. Services include service coordination, evaluations and assessments, individualized family service plans and up to 16 core services.

More information on each of these options can be found at illinoiscaresforkids.org.

You can also call the Child Care Resource & Referral Network (CCRRN) at (309) 828-1892 or (800) 437-8256.


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